Etta James in the car and Kanye West in the bar.

We can make jeans and a t shirt look just as sexy as our little black dresses.

We can start the afternoon with beach volleyball, dust off the sand and throw on our stilettos.

We enjoy hearing about our favorite celebrities, but we also give a shit about current events.

Hell no, we're not going to miss the playoffs, we can watch at a sports bar. And afterwards, we'll go dancing.

We want to read about ten crazy new makeup trends. But we also want to read about the tech bubble, the kidnapped Nigerian girls, and the unrest in Ukraine.

We want to read things that make us smarter, better, stronger, more insightful versions of ourselves.

We choose adventurous vacations, but we give ourselves spa days.

Rock climbing tonight or clubbing? Both.

Hiking or yoga? Both.

Beer or martini? Both.

Are you a city girl or an outdoorsy girl? Both.

Are you a girly girl or an athletic girl? Both.

Are you a pretty girl or a smart girl? Both.

The answer is both.

We know it's possible to do both - and we do it pretty damn well.

We are both girls.